Ollie Burger and Ollie Fry Seasonings coming soon to Canada

We’re pleased to announce that in the very near future, we will have Ollie burger and Ollie Fry Seasoning available in Canada. Sign up for our coupons and specials and you’ll receive notification when sales can commence.

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RE: Ollie Burger Sauce

O.K. here it is, I have found a gentleman that was the Director of Operations of several Lums restaurants in New England. He sells the “original” Ollie’s spice mixture for $10.95 per pound plus shipping. I am a native of Miami and spent many an afternoon at Ollie’s original steak house on Miami Beach. This is the real deal! As far as a bun sauce, there was NEVER any sauce on the original Ollie burger, in fact you were likely to get yelled at or something thrown at you if you tried to put ANYTHING on a burger that Ollie made. This is the same spice mixture that he used on his fries and in his thousand island dressing as well as on his awesome green beans. For a true Ollie burger, add 1 tsp of this spice mixture to each 1/3 lb. Burger meat. Let sit for 30 minutes and grill. I promise you that any of you old Miami Beach High School students will think your back at Ollie’s place. The only thing that will be missing is Ollie yelling at Terrie.

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