Ollieburgers And Ollie French Fries

Directions for Ollie French Fries

Make sure you have hot fries and sprinkle them with the Ollie Fry Seasoning. We were very generous with the seasoning on the fries. We use a shaker with large holes. That’s it!

Directions for the Ollie Burger Seasoning and the bun sauce

To make the bun sauce

Mix two heaping tablespoon of Ollieburger spices into two cups of thousand dressing and  refrigerate overnight.

To make the Ollie Burger Seasoning

Measure out 1/2 cup of seasoning and add to one and a quarter cup of water. Make sure you use a glass or stainless steel container to hold this mixture, No plastic.

Refrigerate at least eight hours.

To make burgers in skillet or a George Forman grill, paint the Ollie Burger generously on the  top and bottom of burger and cook to medium or desired temperature. On a toasted bun, spread the bun toping on both the crown and bottom of the bun. Place the burger on the bun and add a slice of Mozzarella cheese and enjoy your Ollie Burger.

This was the way we made them at LUMS after talking to people who ate at the original OLLIES at Miami Beach.

Mix one teaspoon of Ollieburger Spices to each 1/3 lb. of hamburger and let sit for about 20 minutes before grilling or cooking. Captain Rick who ate there four times a week stated this way tasted like the ORIGINAL OLLIE BURGER. He also stated no bun sauce. Ollie would throw you out if you put anything on his masterpiece.

I tried his way and it is much easier and taste great. I still like the LUMS way since I have eaten Ollie Burgers this way for many years.